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Seat Detection system based on Internet of things suggestion

The internet of things(IoT) is defined in many different ways, and it encompasses many aspects of life from connected homes and cities to connected cars and roads, roads to devices that track an individual’s behavior and use the data collected for push services. IoT wants to connect all potential objects to interact each other on the internet to provide secure and comfort life for humans. IoT makes our world as possible as connected together. Our project focuses on to design a seat detection system to identify the vacant seats in a specified location. The system uses sensors, microcontrollers, keypad algorithm and wifi module to identify the vacant seats. The microcontroller sends data to the LCD to display the availability of seats. The wifi module is connected externally to the microcontroller from which the information is transferred to the cloud storage where information is displayed through the web pages and other smart devices.

Thanu 2017-05-30 09:32
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