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Promoting Post Graduate Medical Education in Iran: a Qualitative study by ,Shima Tabatabai(Ph.D) ,Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee ,Nasser Simforoosh(M.D) praise

Background & Purpose:
Promotion of Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) is constantly one of the main concerns’ for medical education policy makers. This study aimed to determine challenges and potential solutions for promoting the PGME in Iran by exploring the expert’s opinion.
Methods: in this applied qualitative research, Using purposive sampling, seven experts and key decision makers in Iran’s medical education system, selected and invited to participate in a panel of experts’ session. The panel was conducted in May 2015 for 120 minutes and the data analyzed by thematic framework approach.
Challenges and associated solutions for promoting the PGME in Iran were identified in 10 main themes, 34 subthemes for challenges and 43 subthemes for proposed solutions. These themes were framed in three main tasks of stewardship in the medical education system.
10 main themes for key challenges and solutions; included goal and mission, systematic management, curriculum, residents, faculty members, resources and infrastructures, Program evaluation, developing new programs, and Presence in the International Arena, and intersectional cooperation.
The main themes and subthemes were categorized within the framework of educational macro policy making, intro educational system governance, and intersectional leadership.
Conclusion: This study, proposed some applied solutions to promote the postgraduate medical education of the highest quality in response to community and health system demands.

Keywords: post graduate medical education, Medical specialty education, specialty programs, subspecialty programs, educational quality, development, expansion of educational programs, challenges, solutions,

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thank you.this is an interestingful and use article.

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thank you.this is an interesting and useful article

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