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Techno-Economical Study of Using Nuclear Power Plants for Supporting Electrical Grid in Arabian Gulf suggestion

Generating electric power in Gulf region is depending on fossil fuels especially crude oil, natural gas and coal plus their derivatives. With increasing of the life standard and the world population, the fear of running out of these fuels in the long term is a great concern. So, it is better to search for reliable power in the future to be used instead of fossil fuels and also to take advantage of the energy consumed to export. Renewables like solar or wind power plants are very important to save a considerable amount of oil. But, they are not a secure option for feeding basic loads. Nuclear power Plants (NPP) are the best option to feed basic loads. Uranium is an available element in many places on earth and now feeding about 1000 reactor nuclear power around the world. This paper discusses NPP cost analysis in Gulf countries, design characteristics that represent a fundamental part of the Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), briefly describe the safety and essential auxiliary systems, and its importance for increase the security and reliability of the power system in Gulf region.

Ali M. Eltamaly
Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar


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