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Expansionist Projects and Institutional Organization of Serbia Aiming Displacement of Albanians from their Lands suggestion

Parim Kosova


Albanians who remained outside the borders of the Albanian Administration faced systematic violence of Serbian Government this violence has been planned since Grashanin's program. To continue with series of programs and elaborations that began to be implemented in order for the Albanian people to move from their ancestral lands and instead to settle Slav residents. This propaganda was mostly empowered at the time of the Serbo-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom, to continue later, even at different times, until the end of the twentieth century, i.e. on the eve of the beginning of the KLA war, which was supported by the international factor. In this paper i have tried to address some of the Serbian programs and the goals of these programs. The Grashanin program (1844) was in fact a requirement to revive the Car Dushan Empire state, which is well known for what purposes and what violence it has exercised over the Albanian local population. Apart from Grashanin's program i have tried to present, as chauvinistic program that preceded the displacement of Albanians, the program of 1862; the program of 1868; the program for deportation in the sea of the year 1881; the program of 1897; the program of 1902; the program of the year 1920 on the cleansing of Albanian lands; The elaboration of Çubrillović of 1937; The projects "Serbia Homogeneous", designed in 1941; The Blue Program of 1977; Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of 1986, etc.

Keywords: violence, chauvinistic programs, propaganda, migration, elaborate etc.

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