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The Prefixes and Suffixes of Albanian and English Language suggestion

Shkëlqim Millaku


The derived (origin) of words is more productive in the system of word-formation. It is the same in languages and in this case and studies between Albanian and English language. With the word or the derived (origin) understand the formation of the new words or the words that exits in the language. The derived (origin) of the word can make by prefix , suffix , prefix-suffix and with out infixes. The origin of the word and compound are another way that can crated the new words. This type of word-formation is possible to be the same in both of languages. In English language e.g. “... new nouns can be formed by derivation and compounding. Derived nouns are formed torhugh the addition of derivation affixes (prefixes and suffixes), as in disbleief (dis + belief)...” In both of languages we have three models of word-formations e.g. Simple words and derived; Compound; By changing the function or the meaning (conversion).

Keywords: word-formation, affixes (prefixes and suffixes), Simple words and derived, By changing the function or the meaning (conversion), contrast, Albanian and English language.

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