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You already know that a trip to the spa can help anyone de-stress but then, many do not have the time – even the money – to visit the spa monthly. Since this is so, why not recreate the calming sanctuary that is a spa? Now, with a spa right in your own home, you can already relax in a spa environment every single day.

Set Up Real Furniture in the Bathroom

Did you know that simply adding a piece of furniture in the bathroom can make it appear and feel more spa-like? So go ahead and utilize a chair, even a small stool, inside the bathroom. If you want to be more creative, you can also use a tufted arm chair – such furniture piece is actually begging you to go ahead and unwind.

When choosing upholstered furniture, be sure that it is installed with outdoor fabric. This type of fabric can more easily resist moisture inside the bathroom.

As for furniture outside of the bathroom, be sure to invest in those that come with clean lines. The sleek lines of a canopied bed or the straightforwardness of a sofa set can make a huge difference when creating the perfect place for retreat.

Achieve Color Cohesiveness

Any given space feels more cohesive if only one color is used throughout. Using just one shade with colors that can fuse with the basic hue can visually keep the space from being bogged down. Match the paint with the furniture and accessories so that the place looks less cluttered.

Remember to stick to neutrals and earthy tones. A spa tends to use the lightest colors because they have calming effect. Pale blue, for example, can have a soothing effect on many people. White is always the perfect base color – use it if you don’t want to go wrong.

Use Rustic Accessories

To achieve a spa-like ambience, you need to create a provincial feel inside the room. Find burnished antiques so that the spa room would look cozier and more collected rather than formal.

Are you a big fan of Indian chairs? Then have them placed near the sofa table right in your living room. Doing so can help you add a little intrigue to the atmosphere.

For the dining room, use textured walls so that you deviate from being overly formal. Instead of the usual fabric, use woven mats that can be framed into the moldings. Even a simple yoga mat can have the same function and be transformed into something more gorgeous.

Add a Touch of Greenery

Try using a cluster of house plants inside any room in your home. These potted beauties can create an inviting atmosphere, even a romantic vibe. If you want to achieve a Zen feel in the bathroom, have an orchid placed on your vanity and you’re good.

Be Detail-Oriented

Get rid of labels so that the room will look visually uncluttered. Instead of using the usual antiseptic bottles for cotton balls and Q-tips, why not use apothecary jars instead? Having that curved shower curtain is a great idea to add a little space to the shower area. This will also give your bathroom a more luxurious feel.

If you have placed rugs in the past, have them removed right away. Tile and hardwood floors are low-maintenance materials for your floor. Instead of covering the flooring with the usual rug, get rid of them and replace them with tiles or hardwood materials. Adding a few pillows can also help create the perfect lounge for you and your family.

Create a Cozy, Relaxing Home Now

To achieve this spa-like ambience in your home, find an interior designer whose portfolio contains similar projects. With this expert, you are sure to create the most relaxing spa ever made! http://www.mccreerys.com

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Background & Purpose:
Promotion of Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) is constantly one of the main concerns’ for medical education policy makers. This study aimed to determine challenges and potential solutions for promoting the PGME in Iran by exploring the expert’s opinion.
Methods: in this applied qualitative research, Using purposive sampling, seven experts and key decision makers in Iran’s medical education system, selected and invited to participate in a panel of experts’ session. The panel was conducted in May 2015 for 120 minutes and the data analyzed by thematic framework approach.
Challenges and associated solutions for promoting the PGME in Iran were identified in 10 main themes, 34 subthemes for challenges and 43 subthemes for proposed solutions. These themes were framed in three main tasks of stewardship in the medical education system.
10 main themes for key challenges and solutions; included goal and mission, systematic management, curriculum, residents, faculty members, resources and infrastructures, Program evaluation, developing new programs, and Presence in the International Arena, and intersectional cooperation.
The main themes and subthemes were categorized within the framework of educational macro policy making, intro educational system governance, and intersectional leadership.
Conclusion: This study, proposed some applied solutions to promote the postgraduate medical education of the highest quality in response to community and health system demands.

Keywords: post graduate medical education, Medical specialty education, specialty programs, subspecialty programs, educational quality, development, expansion of educational programs, challenges, solutions,

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At some point, you will exit your business. Make no mistake, you cannot own your business eternally. You will eventually exit your business.

Most landscape businesses compete on price and offer services that are often viewed as commodities by their customer base. What does this mean for sellers? If your business competes solely on price, when it comes time to sell, buyers will view your company as nothing more than a commodity and, as a result, your company will be priced accordingly.

Thorough preparation puts you in a strong position to sell because most of your competitors – other landscaping companies that are available for purchase – have done little to prepare their companies for sale.

The keys to gracefully exiting your business are: 1) rigorous preparation; 2) confidential marketing; and 3) successful negotiations. Here’s a 3-step framework to guide you through the sales process:

Step 1: Prepare
The first step is preparation. You must fully prepare before you begin actively selling your business. While there is no rigid process you can follow to prepare your company for sale, this checklist will help you consider some of the most important variables:

Document your workers – Some buyers, whether individuals or other companies, may be ok with your undocumented workers. Others may not be. You are in the best position possible if you document all of your workers.
Update your equipment – Maintained, up-to-date equipment will set your business apart from the others on the market and will greatly enhance your ability to sell your company.
Sign contracts with your client base – Buyers love a diverse long-term customer base, especially if you have long-term contracts with your key customers. Contracts help ensure the clients will be passed on to the new buyer. Check with your attorney to ensure the contracts are transferable in the event of a sale.
Differentiate your business – If your business is easy to replicate, then buyers will consider replicating your business.
Focus on maintenance and other repeat services – Lawn care and landscape maintenance companies receive higher multiples than construction-related landscaping businesses.
Update your fleet – Buyers will deduct from the purchase price the cost necessary to bring your fleet up-to-date. Buyers may view this action as a nuisance, and this may later be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to negotiating time.
Clean up your account receivables – Having too much money tied up in assets such as account receivables may lower your company’s valuation. Sophisticated buyers consider this a hindrance to the company’s growth. The longer the cash flow cycle of your company, the more working capital a buyer must tie up in your business. Sophisticated buyers consider an investment in working capital as any fixed asset, just as an investment in a new fleet or equipment.
Polish up your billing arrangements – Pre-billing is ideal and increases the valuation of your company. Try to get as much of your client base as possible on pre-billed arrangements. Avoid post-billing.
Avoid customer concentration issues – If a large percentage of your revenue comes from a few customers, then any potential buyer of your company will view this as risky, especially if you have a personal relationship with these customers.
Build a management team – What would happen if you walked away from your business today? If the business would run without problems, then your business will be much easier to sell.
Build your commercial base – Landscaping contractors that focus on commercial work have much more value to buyers than those that primarily focus on residential business.
Improve retention of employees – Focus on developing programs and a culture that will ensure long-term retention of your employees. Buyers, even if they have no experience in the industry, will do their research and they will quickly learn that finding and keeping talent is a perennial problem in the industry.
Have key employees sign non-compete agreements – If non-competes are illegal in your state, then, at a minimum have employees sign a non-solicitation agreement. This prevents your employees from actively poaching your current employees or customer base if they decide to start a competitive business.
Build dense routes – Route density drives fuel and labor consumption, and a dense route decreases the cost of each, which will increase the value of your company.

Step 2: Marketing
Marketing your landscape business for sale is all about positioning. Focus on three critical elements:
1 – Make your company difficult to replicate

A buyer will replicate your business if they can do so at a lower cost. If you are selling your landscaping business for $500,000 and a buyer can go out today and purchase equipment for $100,000, hire 3-5 employees, invest $50,000 in marketing, and develop a company similar in size to yours within a 12-to-18-month timeframe, then why should they buy your company?

The landscaping industry has a low barriers to entry. With a truck and some equipment you are in business. What makes your business difficult to replicate?

Below are specific actions you can take to make your business difficult to replicate. Note that working on one item will not be enough; to increase your company’s value and set it apart from your competitors, you need to implement as many of these as possible. These can be summed up in three broad categories based on the preparation tips I cited above.

In implementing these, which are also listed above, I recommend focusing on one category at a time:

1) Customers

• Build a repeat customer base
• Ask all customers to sign a long-term contract
• Pre-bill all customers
• Improve customer retention
• Build dense routes to minimize fuel, labor and other expenses

2) Services

• Minimize design/build services, unless you are in a niche protected from competition
• Focus on niche services to avoid price-sensitive clients
• Develop other services to mitigate the impact of seasonality
• Focus on maintenance services, especially with commercial clients

3) Staff

• Build a long-term management team that is difficult to replace
• Have key employees sign non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
• Have the management team establish strong relationships with your customer base; avoid personal relationships with your customers

2 - Build your business so anyone can run it (and I mean anyone)

This might seem counterintuitive, but the more important you are to your business, the less your business will be worth. Why? What happens if you are paramount to the success of your business and you sell your business? All your knowledge, skills and relationships do not come with the business and are therefore not factored into the value of your company, unless you plan to stay with the company as long as the buyer continues to run it.

Additionally, building your company so anyone can run it vastly opens up the universe of buyers that can potentially own and therefore purchase your company.

Doing this requires two things:

Build a management team – Your management team should be the ones developing relationships with your customers and running your company. Although building a strong management team takes an enormous amount of work on your end, doing so will dramatically increase your chances of successfully selling your business. Few buyers will be interested in purchasing your company if you cannot take a one-week vacation without your company falling apart.

Document and streamline your operations – If you don’t want to work too hard, then first build your management team, and then ask your management to perform this crucial step. Streamlining your operations ensures a smooth transition for a buyer and greatly enhances the chances of a successful sale.
3 – Be able to articulate the benefits of buying a company in the landscape industry

Be prepared to present the advantages of operating a business in your industry. If the buyer is a competitor, then you will not have to make this argument; however, you often attain the highest valuations from someone who wants to buy into the industry, which they often do at a premium. Here are the advantages of the landscape industry that may be highlighted should you decide to sell your business:

Fragmented Industry – The lawn and garden business is highly fragmented. It is therefore easier to differentiate oneself because most competitors are underfunded.

Opportunity for consolidation – The industry presents options for consolidating many competitors into much larger companies (these are called roll-ups). It is possible to start small and build a behemoth of a company. The five largest companies in the industry based on Lawn & Landscape’s Top 100 list all have 2015 revenues of over $200 million.

Persistent need – Landscaping services may be viewed as discretionary by some; however, a 2015 survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) indicated that 84% of Americans believe in the importance of having a well-maintained yard, and most of them see the need to seek help from landscape professionals to have a “nicer yard.”

Barriers to entry – While some may view the capital intensiveness as a drawback, we view it as a mote that restricts competition.

Ease of transition – Most landscaping services are simpler to learn than more complex services, and this ensures a smooth transition for buyers who are new to the industry.

Growth by acquisition – Successful companies can grow by acquisition, which is simpler to do in this industry than in others.

Step 3: Negotiate

Fortunately, Step 3 is simple if you have properly performed Steps 1 and 2. To succeed at negotiations, you need confidence. If you have properly prepared and effectively positioned your business for sale, then you will have the confidence to bring another buyer to the table if the current buyer doesn’t pull the trigger.

When negotiating, it is far too easy to let your emotions get the best of you, especially if you have never sold a company before. In most cases, managing your own emotions is more important than managing your adversary. It is therefore essential to hire experts to negotiate on your behalf. Experts can remain level-headed throughout the negotiating process and can assist you in managing your emotions.

Preparing your company for a successful exit requires conscious effort and 100 percent dedication if you want to get the best price for your company. At this point, perhaps you don’t necessarily have to determine the exact date of your exit. But remember that things happen. You don’t want to leave your company’s fate to chance. The best time to start planning for your exit is now.

The author is the founder and president of Morgan & Westfield and author of “How to sell a business.” He is a certified business broker and licensed business/real estate broker, and has more than 15 years of experience facilitating transfers with transaction values ranging from $30,000 to $75 million.He can be reached at www.morganandwestfield.com or jorosz@morganandwestfield.com.

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Morgan & Westfield is a professional services firm that specializes in the confidential appraisal and sale of small to mid-sized, privately owned businesses. We help sell small - and mid-sized companies. The process of selling a small business is quite different than selling a large business. As a result, the sale of your business should be handled by a team of professionals with experience in selling businesses similar in size to yours. At Morgan & Westfield, our small-market and middle-market teams can help you with the entire sale. As an alternative, you can use our services on an a-la-carte basis to take advantage only of the products and services you believe you need to help you sell your business.

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Selling psychology is always involved when is comes to real estate. You are sending your potential buyers messages, whether you know it or not! Make sure you are sending the right message! Discover what you are telling them in our latest blog post!

To really understand your buyer, you must know who they are. While you don’t want to stereotype, you can educate yourself on the demographics of your area. Are there more families or more singles? Recent grads or older, retired couples? Think about who your buyer is likely to be. Picture them and even give them a backstory! Think about what they’re going to want to see in a home they purchase and give them that!
Clutter Makes Your Buyers Feel Intrusive

And if you feel intrusive, you won’t feel comfortable, and if you don’t feel comfortable, you aren’t going to make an offer. Personal items make people viewing your home feel intrusive and like they are somewhere they shouldn’t be. This is NOT the vibe you are trying to give off! They need to be able to picture themselves in the house, and that might be difficult with your wall of bowling trophies or the life-sized family portraits.

Clean up all personal items and any clutter laying about. Don’t leave paperwork out or pictures on the fridge. You want to home to feel clean, inviting and relaxed.
Get The Home Ready For Your Buyer

Buyers aren’t going to want to come in and make a ton of changes. A family with small kids isn’t likely to make an offer on a pool home with accompanying cactus garden. If families are a dominant market segment in your neighborhood, you might want to keep them in mind and make safety precautions when making upgrades to the home.

On the flip side to this, having Princess Elsa murals in the kid’s room might subconsciously deter a retired couple. People need to easily be able to imagine themselves in the space. Having a more plain and neutral room, allows their imagination to easily picture them in their new office, or guestroom. Think with your buyer in mind when you are getting the home ready for showings! Keep the house fresh, clean, warm and sleek to attract the highest number of potential buyers!
Have A Purpose

Sometimes people have multiple uses for one room. For example, a guest room and office space. Or a gym and playroom. This is practical and functional for your family. However, to potential buyers, it can subconsciously be confusing and overwhelming. A defined office is a place someone can picture themselves in easily. And if they choose, they can imagine changing into something else. But let them think about different options for the space on their own. Defining the rooms will make the home feel more orderly, organized and appealing.
Stage Away

Properly staging your home is a critical factor if you are looking for a fast sale at the price you want. A lack of order, tidiness, and neatness can give off the vibe that you are apathetic when it comes to your home. If you don’t take care of the things people see on the surface, what else are you not taking care of? Well planned staging tells people that you take pride in your home. This adds perceived value and will tell potential buyers that you have taken care of the property.

Are you looking for creative methods to stage and sell your Tampa home? We can help! Send us an email here, or give us a call today! (954) 350-0000 or Visit our website http://www.yourtrustedhomebuyer.com/we-buy-houses-tampa/

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Leon Miller

Social networking is increasingly being applied to municipalities to improve social-economic performance, improve the relationship between government and the public, and increase benefits for all stakeholders. The literature on social networking stresses that it increases transparency, reduces corruption, and enhances a locale’s ‘smart municipality’ image. However, in spite of the success of social networking in other global contexts there has been no development of a theoretical model that explains the factors that make it effective for improving social and economic conditions in the Shillong region. This article explains how social networking could be applied to the Shillong region to integrate the resources of society to increase benefits for all stakeholders. Thus, this article contributes to literature on social networking by explaining how the fundamental concepts and principles related to social networking provide the basis for a theory of how the concept can improve social conditions.


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Phrangstone Khongji

Due to limited literature available to highlight the economic level and status for states and districts of North east India, the present study attempts to capture the same by extracting the information on living standards of people through the eight variables collected during the 2001 and 2011 census. Standard of living index is constructed through the use of principal component analysis, where states and districts in the region are ranked. This study can have important policy implications, concerning directing the resources to those districts of the region which have slip in the rank between the two censuses.

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Sukla Singha

There is a popular notion that ‘literature’ is primarily written or printed. Another western concept is that it is the written word that is legitimate or valid and modern or progressive, whereas the spoken word is a representative of the primitive or uncivilized world. These notions have been challenged time and again by alternative textualities such as oral traditions, paintings and illustrations. The oral tradition of storytelling has been in vogue since time immemorial across many communities of India as well as the rest of the world. These stories would serve as a grand repository of memories and histories of the respective societies through the power of the spoken word. But with rapid urbanization, these stories are faced first with distortion and then with extinction, as the storytellers of the older generation pass away. This paper attempts to understand the storytelling tradition of Manipur, popularly known as the Wari-Leeba (that forms an integral part and parcel of the Meitei culture) as well to find out probable causes of its declining/deteriorating status in the adjacent state of Tripura that is a home to a good number of Meitei population.


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Johny Lalbiaklian
The problem of HIV/AIDS is not only a medical problem but it is increasingly recognised as a social problem. It is important to examine the many influences in the society that have a bearing on HIV/AIDS. Development of an appropriate respond to HIV/AIDS requires an understanding of the specific society, its history, its culture and its dynamic. Social issues surrounding the risk of HIV/AIDS and its infection are important ones that illuminate a number of social problems and value conflicts within the society. This paper attempts to address the social dimension of the causes and impact of HIV/ AIDS in the district of Churachandpur, Manipur. It is observed that various social activities such as tribal festivals, youth activities and even faith-based festivals play significant role in contributing to the spread of the diseases among the youth. There are diverse responses with regard to the general attitudes towards the infectants where benevolent feeling and sympathy are shown by the families and society broadly.


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Generating electric power in Gulf region is depending on fossil fuels especially crude oil, natural gas and coal plus their derivatives. With increasing of the life standard and the world population, the fear of running out of these fuels in the long term is a great concern. So, it is better to search for reliable power in the future to be used instead of fossil fuels and also to take advantage of the energy consumed to export. Renewables like solar or wind power plants are very important to save a considerable amount of oil. But, they are not a secure option for feeding basic loads. Nuclear power Plants (NPP) are the best option to feed basic loads. Uranium is an available element in many places on earth and now feeding about 1000 reactor nuclear power around the world. This paper discusses NPP cost analysis in Gulf countries, design characteristics that represent a fundamental part of the Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), briefly describe the safety and essential auxiliary systems, and its importance for increase the security and reliability of the power system in Gulf region.

Ali M. Eltamaly
Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar


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Zamira Hoxha


The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency of stone formation depending on age, breed and sex of dogs, types of stone as well as the impact of food-based diet on their formation. This study was conducted over the period from July 2013 to January 2017 where data were collected on a total 160 cases of dogs with urinary problems and distinct clinical signs in the urinary tract, which were admitted into clinics and hospitals in Tirana district. Of all the cases which were identified with urinary problems and distinct signs of the urinary tract, 14 (9% ) of them tested positive for the presence of stones and 146 (91% )of them tested negative. All of the animals examined were broken down into several age groups ranging from 0-5 years old, from 5-9 years old, and those from 9 years old and above. The average age of dogs with uroliths were 5-9 years old or accounting for 55% of all the cases under observation testing positive. Determining the frequency of male dogs against female ones a higher prevalence resulted in male dogs at 9 cases otherwise 64% and in female dogs at 5 cases otherwise 36% respectively. Uroliths from crossbreed, Dalmatians, German shepherd, Yorkshire terrier was calculated in almost 40% of all canine uroliths, with the highest frequency in Dalmatians, which had a predominance of urateuroliths with a percentage of 25%.The most frequently identified materials were struvite which occupy the highest proportion of stones at about 37% of stones found. These were followed by calcium oxalate and uric acid stones standing at 27% respectively. Silicates were found in just one case at 9% of total combined. An important factor contributing to this case was a very concentrated food diet which had a prevalence of 9 case (64 %), 5 was the cases which had been subject to home-based food or (36 %).

Keywords: dog breeds, kidneys, stones, urinary tract, prevalence, Calculi, small clinics and hospitals, diagnosis, bacteria.

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Jetmira Mehmeti


This paper focuses on examining the fundamental characteristics of Albanian communist regime's internal policy. The essential and specific feature of this policy was deep interference in the social and cultural life of the country. The communist regime also extended the crackdown against institutions and religious ideology. This campaign took place in several phases. In the post-war years, when it felt insecure and faced with difficulties, the regime followed a relatively moderate policy towards religious institutions. While in the early 1950s, this campaign was harsh. Albanian Labor Party (ALP) and EnverHoxha further strengthened their power. The state machine has perfected and intensified the system of violence. Legislative elections took on a completely formal character. The candidates for deputies, who had no competitors and the rulers, were appointed by the senior ALP leadership and state party nomenclatures. Voting was not secret and no one dared to vote against the candidate submitted by the ALP, as it would be considered as an enemy and had to suffer all the consequences. Through the occasional blow of adversaries or disgruntled elements, the regime created the psychosis of fear and insecurity. Within the centralization of economic life a number of influential reforms such as collectivization, the construction of agricultural cooperatives and the rise of heavy industry were undertaken in the rural household.

Keywords: Albania, communist regime, Enver Hoxha, Albanian Labor Party, internal policy.

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Oltsen Gripshi


“The Drawing School remains the most important institution, the foundation of all the subsequent activities related to the Albanian painting experience ... it was in that school that the best known artists learned the art of painting, those who today represent the golden generation of the tradition of the Albanian painting and sculpture, mentioning such artists as: Sadik Kaceli, Foto Stamo, Nexhmedin Zajmi, Kel Kodheli, Ibrahim Kodra, Llazar Nikolla, Bukurosh Sejdini, Qamil Grezda, Abdulla Cangonji, Hasan Reçi dhe Sabri Tuçi”, F. Hudhri. It is exactly in this group of artists where the painter Qamil Grezda belonged [...]. A quote on the distant shores of the time, but close to the excitement and energy that accompany the landscapes of this painter, who used to live between the feelings, colors, shapes, volumes, lights and shades of nature... that nature, which would be alienated through a process of alchemy in a relationship of close, intimate - almost a platonic love between the artist and this nature... a relationship which served as food for his sensitivity toward the greatness of nature, raving him on canvas...

The relationship of this artist with nature and its dimensions are built on the universal human virtues and foundations, and he shows to be prudent, just, strong and self-control towards it. These four virtues are nothing else but the four cardinal virtues, Virtutibus Cardinalibus[la]* (Prudentia[la]* Iustitia[la]*, Fortitudo[la]* and Temperantia[la]* ) which governed the human being from the strands of his creation of clay and water described in the lines of the mythology, until the shaping of his physiognomy and contemporary character.

Keywords: history, analysis, aesthetics, anthropology, art, comparisons.

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Dorian Koçi


The figure of Musine Kokalari is not treated on its full intellectual dimension, despite the change of political systems. Besides a talented writer she had a strong intellectual and political commitment in Albanian society, following the war. This political commitment of hers couldn’t be understood unless we analyze her political opinion expressed at the Social Democratic Party’s program she compiled, and the historical context of the communist opposition confrontation with Albanian communists came to power. Her moral and intellectual resistance has left an indelible mark on the Albanian intellectual thought.

Keywords: Musine Kokalari, Communist regime, Communist opposition, Social Democratic Party, Albanian Renaissance, Democratic Union organization.

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Parim Kosova


Albanians who remained outside the borders of the Albanian Administration faced systematic violence of Serbian Government this violence has been planned since Grashanin's program. To continue with series of programs and elaborations that began to be implemented in order for the Albanian people to move from their ancestral lands and instead to settle Slav residents. This propaganda was mostly empowered at the time of the Serbo-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom, to continue later, even at different times, until the end of the twentieth century, i.e. on the eve of the beginning of the KLA war, which was supported by the international factor. In this paper i have tried to address some of the Serbian programs and the goals of these programs. The Grashanin program (1844) was in fact a requirement to revive the Car Dushan Empire state, which is well known for what purposes and what violence it has exercised over the Albanian local population. Apart from Grashanin's program i have tried to present, as chauvinistic program that preceded the displacement of Albanians, the program of 1862; the program of 1868; the program for deportation in the sea of the year 1881; the program of 1897; the program of 1902; the program of the year 1920 on the cleansing of Albanian lands; The elaboration of Çubrillović of 1937; The projects "Serbia Homogeneous", designed in 1941; The Blue Program of 1977; Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of 1986, etc.

Keywords: violence, chauvinistic programs, propaganda, migration, elaborate etc.

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Shkëlqim Millaku


The derived (origin) of words is more productive in the system of word-formation. It is the same in languages and in this case and studies between Albanian and English language. With the word or the derived (origin) understand the formation of the new words or the words that exits in the language. The derived (origin) of the word can make by prefix , suffix , prefix-suffix and with out infixes. The origin of the word and compound are another way that can crated the new words. This type of word-formation is possible to be the same in both of languages. In English language e.g. “... new nouns can be formed by derivation and compounding. Derived nouns are formed torhugh the addition of derivation affixes (prefixes and suffixes), as in disbleief (dis + belief)...” In both of languages we have three models of word-formations e.g. Simple words and derived; Compound; By changing the function or the meaning (conversion).

Keywords: word-formation, affixes (prefixes and suffixes), Simple words and derived, By changing the function or the meaning (conversion), contrast, Albanian and English language.

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Ayad Hammad Ali, Thamer Yousef Allawi


In 2016, the Directorate of Curriculum and Methodology in the Ministry of Education in Iraq altered the old English textbook allocated for the forth-primary class with a new textbook called English for Iraq: Pupil's Book. After implementing this new textbook, the teachers, who are teaching this material, addressed a set of criticisms stating that the design and structure of this book does not fit the comprehensive levels of the pupils. As teachers emphasized that they encountered difficulties in teaching this material because they should have joined an intensive session for how to teach the new textbook before teaching it in the schools. Investigating the opinions of the teachers about the contents of the book, they believe that the grammatical topics apportioned for the forth grade are beyond the pupils' grasp where the writers set down rules of comparative and superlative degrees which pupils cannot perceive and should be given for the high school classes. Consequently, the teachers are obliged to choose simple and recognized topics and leave the topics – especially grammatical ones which confuse their minds if they are given to them. Thus, the initiative evaluation shows that the textbook contains difficult modules as it lacks practicing the four skills of the English language, in addition to the insufficiency of using the illustrative aids in the classroom.

Keywords: Evaluation, Designing, Structure, Weaknesses, Planning.

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F Duma, A Sofijanova, A Stamatova, V Avramovska Sabolik, S Bojadzieva, N Angelkova


The most common developmental malformation encountered in patients with refractory epilepsy is Focal Cortical Dysplasia (FCD). Malformations of cortical development, in particular FCDs are identified in 20–25% of patients with focal epilepsy, and approximately 76% of these patients are supposed to suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy. A promising therapy option for these patients could be surgical treatment. We present a seven-year-old child with drug-resistant epilepsy, who underwent surgical treatment that had an excellent outcome. Throughout the period of five years, the index patient was admitted several times to the Department of Neurology at the University Pediatrics Clinic-Skopje. He was initially admitted at the age of two years, because of his first episode of febrile seizures accompanied by diarrhea. In the following period, during the hospitalization, febrile seizures also developed. CT findings showed a slight degree of front parietal cortical reduction, while the first MRI showed a slight dysmorphia at the frontal gyri, yet no focal abnormalities. The initial EEG revealed a bihemispheric epileptogenic focus. The reason for constant treatment alterations was drug-resistance.
Although some encephalographic stabilization had been achieved, a full clinical response had never been obtained for a prolonged period. At the age of seven years, a pediatric epilepsy surgical team at the University School of Medicine–ACIBADEM, Turkey, evaluated the patient. The conclusion of the team was that the child is a candidate for surgical treatment of epilepsy. The child underwent surgery at the age of eight years and has been seizure free since.

Keywords: Focal Cortical Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Surgery.

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The internet of things(IoT) is defined in many different ways, and it encompasses many aspects of life from connected homes and cities to connected cars and roads, roads to devices that track an individual’s behavior and use the data collected for push services. IoT wants to connect all potential objects to interact each other on the internet to provide secure and comfort life for humans. IoT makes our world as possible as connected together. Our project focuses on to design a seat detection system to identify the vacant seats in a specified location. The system uses sensors, microcontrollers, keypad algorithm and wifi module to identify the vacant seats. The microcontroller sends data to the LCD to display the availability of seats. The wifi module is connected externally to the microcontroller from which the information is transferred to the cloud storage where information is displayed through the web pages and other smart devices.

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Jack works in a multinational company and gets exasperated quickly doing his ordinary merchandising/purchasing officer role, which he does not like. This obviously influences his productivity and his energy at work leading to career suicide. Jack addresses this with his family and friends and they all know he is good with numbers and has a good number of contacts in the market. He could definitely start his own business - not in personal conflict with his company as that would be unfair - in a parallel product line to his current company's merchandise lines. So Jack determines to resign from his company and start his own business called JACK-O-MANICS. Right now you may consider this is an excellent plan and Jack is now his own chief and has complete liberty over his future. But did anybody pause to examine whether Jack is disciplined enough to nurture a company from scratch and sustain it into a full-blown entity?

Running your own company needs you to make a lot of choices on a myriad of subjects including finance, legal proceedings, marketing, promotions, banking, and so on, for which you would need to have the peculiar talents to defeat any obstacles.

How are these skills improved?
These skills can be improved if you have proper guidance. It does not mean that you must join some self-professed business gurus. All you need to have is enough business intelligence which includes various ranges of study consisting of marketing, accounting, business administration, finance, Human Resource and other relevant fields. If you lack in any of these distinct fields, you would require to invest in yourself first and then invest in a company of your own!

Learn about yourself
Take some time to study with family and friends about your strengths and weaknesses. Bypass making any poor or hurried choices and begin planning before investing. In our example above, Jack lacks the discipline to keep focus during the day on securing the victory of his current job position, how then would he succeed in nurturing his own business?

Joining an Online MBA course will force Jack to appreciate deadlines, follow guidelines and explore available resources to make sure of his victory on the program. These are portable skills that he will acquire and would then help achieve progress in his own business.

On another spectrum, Jack has specialized knowledge of purchasing and marketing, but how affluent is he with HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing? We already know that a shortage of appropriate and business management orient knowledge will lead to challenges/obstacles, so bypass these by enrolling yourself onto online MBA courses and you would gain complete knowledge of related subject matter allowing you to encounter victory in your venture.

An exciting topic that Jack would study on an MBA is "Mind-Mapping". This is a technique utilized for efficient decision making and this enables Jack to observe the complete range of influencers to the decision on a single platform, assuring that a notified and insightful decision has been taken.

Finding a proper and accredited Business School
Decision point - I would suggest Jack check for online MBA courses while retaining his employment with his company. For all we know, he may experience career growth within his own company when his line manager notices the improvement in his productivity as a result of pursuing an MBA and may decide to continue his employment and delay the business venture to after completing the MBA. Furthermore, this plan enables Jack to gain the appropriate business-related know-how needed and then attempt out into the land of the entrepreneurship!

There are several business schools that offer online MBA courses at your convenience. However, this is one for the mind-map! Take some time and evaluate all the benefits and limitations of the various business schools (including price factors and admission criteria)

credits: https://staffordglobal.org

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Are students offered possibilities to experience democratic practice in classrooms? Using an analysis of empirical data from classroom discussions in lower secondary school, this article identifies and explores two different types of classroom discussions which give students different positions: a conversation in which students are positioned as ‘poll respondents’, and a more deliberative conversation which positions students as learning debaters. The two forms of classroom discussions are discussed due to the way they givedifferent meaning to democracy, and due to whether the student positions in the classrooms imply contribution to the subject matter and what is consideredvaluable knowledge in school.

Author: Turid Skarre Aasebø

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C-CVD grown Multi-Walled Carbon Nano-tubes (MWCNTs) as reinforcement have shown excellent mechanical, thermal properties as long as homogeneously dispersed in the matrix (polymer, epoxy and etc.). Modification of carbon nano-tubes is the base steps to prepare the surface microstructure to strong bonding with matrix thereby decouple bundled nano-tubes due to Vander Waals interactions. The main purpose of this research work is modification of MWCNTs in order to obtain less damaged and strong bondable nano-tubes and comparing to two vacuum-drying methods to find most effective one.
  In this research, we carried out by sulfuric and nitric acid treatment (H2SO4:HNO3) as 3:1 v/v to modify the side-wall surface. Two types of condition of dehydration have been performed during 24 hrs: heating (120°C) at 750 mmHg and freezing (-80°C) at 1900 mmHg to obtain qualitative MWCNTs with low viscosity and higher aspect ratio. It is believed that the most important factor is low viscosity within higher loading of MWCNTs. Quality of well-dried functionalized multi-walled carbon nano-tubes (F-VFD MWCNTs) can be estimated as well in creating well-oriented nano composite. A quantitative characterization of presence carboxyl (-COOH) group on the external wall observed by Fourier Transmission Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Disclosure of defects and disruption on the graphitic structure of F-VFD MWCNTs was analyzed by Raman Spectroscopy. In order to enhance dispensability, it is necessary to quantify the F-VFD MWCNTs dispersion quality after applied chemical modification. Although, purity of F-VFD MWCNTs was analyzed by Energy-Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) to predict in-organic and metal impurities after performing functionalization. Observation by Scanning Electron Microscope gave us clear view of structure surface of MWCNTs. According to the results, we found out that effect of drying temperature is one of the critical factors to obtain less damaged and strong bondable nano-tubes regardless of matrix thereby to improve mechanical and thermal properties of nano-composites in advance. The results showed the effective influence of functionalization (unlocking) on the interfacial interaction between MWCNTs and isophthalic polyester resin which obtained after performing vacuum-freezing dry method.

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Objective: The main objective of present work is to synthesize, characterize and evaluate DNA photocleavage activity of hydrazones containing
quinoline and pyrimidine rings.
Methods: The syntheses of new 2-(Thioxo/Oxo)quinoline-4,6-dimethyl pyrimidinyl hydrazones has been achieved by the reaction of 2-
(Thioxo/Oxo)quinoline-3-carbaldehydes and 2-hydrazino-4, 6-dimethylpyrimidine. The structure of synthesized compounds is established on basis
of data obtained from the spectroscopic techniques such as 1H NMR, 13
Results: The synthesized compounds 5e showed complete cleavage of DNA while 5a, 5b and 6e showed significant cleavage potential.
C NMR, FT-IR and mass. The synthesized compounds were evaluated for their
DNA photocleavage activity at 40 μg/μl concentration by agarose gel electrophoresis method.
Conclusion: A series of novel hydrazones bearing quinoline and pyrimidine moiety has been synthesized and well characterized on the basis of
spectroscopic data and further evaluated for their DNA photocleavage activity. It has been observed that compounds having bromo and thio group
displayed good activity.

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Objective: The main objective of present work is to synthesize, characterize and evaluate DNA photocleavage activity of hydrazones containing quinoline and pyrimidine rings.
Methods: The syntheses of new 2-(Thioxo/Oxo)quinoline-4,6-dimethyl pyrimidinyl hydrazones has been achieved by the reaction of 2-(Thioxo/Oxo)quinoline-3-carbaldehydes and 2-hydrazino-4, 6-dimethylpyrimidine. The structure of synthesized compounds is established on basis of data obtained from the spectroscopic techniques such as 1H NMR, 13C NMR, FT-IR and mass. The synthesized compounds were evaluated for their DNA photocleavage activity at 40 μg/μl concentration by agarose gel electrophoresis method.
Results: The synthesized compounds 5e showed complete cleavage of DNA while 5a, 5b and 6e showed significant cleavage potential.
Conclusion: A series of novel hydrazones bearing quinoline and pyrimidine moiety has been synthesized and well characterized on the basis of spectroscopic data and further evaluated for their DNA photocleavage activity. It has been observed that compounds having bromo and thio group displayed good activity.

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